Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wear You're Favorite Book! Litographs Moby Dick T-Shirt REVIEW

I'm a huge fan of fashion as anyone who follows this blog would know, and my style is pretty on-trend, but I also love looking for clothes that are new and unique. When I came across I was originally looking at the prints, but when I saw the shirts, I fell instantly in love. They are designed through a print of the text from the book. If you look closely, you can actually read parts of the book on the shirt! How cool is that?! Although I'm not normally a T-shirt girl, these T shirts were so unique and I knew they would be an instant conversation starter! Litographs have several T-shirts to choose from, ranging from Sherlock Holmes to Alice in Wonderland! You can also get the unisex T-shirt with the option of a V-neck as well, ranging from sizes small to XL.

Here I'm wearing the Moby Dick T-shirt from in a size medium. 

Pretty unique, right? I've worn it several times since I've gotten it and let me tell you, it is a conversation starter for sure! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it! I also find myself staring down at it and reading some of the words, and diving into the story for a bit!

Litographs Moby Dick T-Shirt:

Here is an up close picture so you can see the words.

I've had a lot of fun wearing my Litographs Moby Dick T Shirt! It is fun and so different! If you're a book lover, than why not show it by wearing your favorite book!

Check out today and be sure to check out the HUGE selection of prints you can get in black and white, or in color. Sizes come in 24 x 36 or 18 x 24. You can buy the prints in poster form or they can also frame it for you!

**Disclosure: I received these products to review from and free of charge, but all opinions above are my own. I only share reviews with my readers that I feel will be beneficial to them.