Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eden Fantasys Bra, Garter, and Panty Set REVIEW

It's time to bring sexy back! I'm sure I'm not the only woman with a husband that complains I only wore pretty matching bra/panty sets in the beginning, and now its rare if my bra and undies are even the same color! What can I say, I'm Lazy and I don't want to spend a lot on undies! 

I've forgotten how good it feels to dress up in a sexy matching set though, even if its just under my clothes and no one even sees it! And let's face it, usually pretty matching sets are expensive, and I'd rather spend that $100 on clothes that everyone sees (sorry hubby!)

Well, Eden Fantasys is changing that! You can get incredibly gorgeous, sexy matching bra and panty sets (like this pretty green and black one below) for a fraction of the price! This gorgeous set, including the garter belt was only $24 on sale! has a ton of gorgeous sets to choose from, most around $20-$40 each! That price can absolutely not be beat! Anytime I've bought lingerie in the past it's cost me at least $60! 

I was excited to try out this pretty matching set, because I find lingerie to be complicated sometimes, and I want something I can wear under my clothes to either surprise him later with, or to just make me feel sexier when I'm out and about! And honestly, I think guys find matching panty sets and the surprise of it being under your clothing so much sexier! Garter Belts blow their minds!

 I'm constantly wearing stockings this time of year, so the garter belt totally comes in handy for me too and it feels so much sexier than wearing a pair of control top panty hose... There is nothing sexy about those coming off at night!

I loved wearing this set! It was actually really pretty comfortable to wear all day (as long as you don't mind thongs). The bra was a little bit big for me, but the bottoms were a perfect fit! The set stayed in place all day no problem and  I loved that this pretty set makes it super easy to dress up for a night out or for something spontaneous! I loved the confidence it gave me just wearing it under mynevery day clothes too! 

Overall, I loved this set, and am already drooling over several other gorgeous panty and bra  sets at! I vow to start wearing them more often to help put me in a more sexy state of mind and... maybe improve my relationship a little too?! Who knows! What I do know is that you can't beat the price, and for that reason there is no excuse any of us should not have a gorgeous set or two in our lingerie drawers! 

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