Sunday, February 17, 2013


Congrats to some of my Recent Winners!

See your name here? Look for an email from me with more details on how to claim your prize, or contact me at All prizes will be mailed via USPS within 1-2 weeks.

**If you are winner in one of my Giveaways with other bloggers, you will be contacted by the host and prizes will be mailed by him/her at his/her discretion.

Aquallure Skin Cream Winner: Austin B.

NineWest Crossbody Handbag Winner: Kim R.

Vedette Shapewear Winners: Svetlana R., Aaron M., and Maly A.

Leopard Print Shoes Winner: Ashley P.

Cosmetics Winner: Soha M.

Zoya Nail Polish Set Winner: Denise E.

Freyrs Sunglasses Winners: Darah V., Tandi C., and Barb S.

Little Black Dress Winner: Kelly C.

Schwarzkopf Hair Texture Cream Winner: Cynthia K.

Glasses Winner: Mai T.

One Direction Makeup Tin Winner: Ken O.

Mini Colorblocked Dress Winner: Alona Y.

Lashem Brow Enhancement Serum Winner: Kelly

Microbiome Plus Heart Health Supplement Winners: Jesse S., Aaron M., and Austin B.

65MCMXLV Custom Tshirt Winner: Austin B.

Vedette Shapewear Winners: Gustosa G., Petra K., and Ina C.

Sonny & Dew Bath and Spa Gift Pack Winners: Diana H., Robin R., and Austin B.

Vedette Mystery Shapewear Winners: Ashley P., Marilyn M., and Rose D.

$200 Lush Home Decor Winner: Natalie B.

Ipad Air Keyboard and Case Winner: Joy N.

Sexy Valentine's Day Lingerie Winner: Megan

Reviva Labs $100 Skincare Winner: Ashley W.

Temp Tattoos Winner: Mihai B.

Rollable Flats Winner: Ashley P.

Black Fringe Jacket Winners: Valarie L., Debi A., Lori B., Amie O., and Robyn L.

Oasap Peter Pan Collar Dress Winners: April C., Mohammad M., Wendy H., and Ashley P.

Cellessence $180 Skincare Winner: Cindy B.

Forett Handbag Winner: Kim R.

CLA Superior Supplement Winner: Valarie L.

Leopard Print Ballet Flats Winner: Cheryl W.

Vedette Mystery Shapewear Winners (Nov): Becky P., Alison F., and Joy N.

Camu Complex Face Cream Winner: Sue

Men's Railtek Leather Belt Winner: Ashley P.

$100 Ice Jewelry Winner: Valarie L.

Tidebuy Handbag Winner: Miri W.

Vedette Winners: Miri W., and Cheryl W.

Little Black Dress Winner: Wendi S.

Distressed Denim Shorts Winner: Helen J.

Blog Makeup Winner: Brenda V.

Facebook Makeup Winner: Denise D.

Veggie Spiral Splicer Winner: Deb D.

Vedette Mystery Shapewear Winners: Trillina P., Mihai L., and Anat P.

Anavita Night Cream Winnner: Valarie L.

Garcinia Cambogia Winner: Valarie L.

Cardigan Winner: April C.

Jord Wood Watch Winner: CCM

Reed & Barton Toasting Flutes Winner: Mary Beth E.

Mia Mariu Cosmetics Winner: Ashley P.

Neocell Hair Volumizer Supplement:  Rae R.

Skinn SPF Serum Winner: Ashley P.

Vedette Mystery Shapewear Winners: Ashley P., Valarie L., and Mihai B.

Hair Accessories Winner: Deb D.

Skull Halloween Fashion Winner: Lenuta B.

$25 Jewelry Winner to My Funny Things Etsy Shop: Valarie L.

Adfilic Bluetooth Speaker Winner: Darby M.

Oasap Fashion Winner: Francesca F.

Vedette Mystery Shapewear Winners: Va., Cogito E., and Szente N.

Denizen Jeans Twitter Winners: Valarie G., Joey C., and Kimberly A,

Luxquisite leave-in-conditioner winner: Valarie L.

Oasap Fashion Giveaway: Harley Q

Lumsing Power Bank Portable Electronic Charger Winner: Mari V.

Shirt Dress Winner: Michelle S.

Locket Charm Necklace Winner: Valarie L.

Vedette Shapewear Winners: Colleen B., Yen M., and Kristy M.

Garcinia Cambogia Winner: Cindy B.

Simply 7 Hummus Chips Gift Pack and Personal Chip Bag Winner: Valarie L.

Skin Authority Summer Skin Care Duo Winner: Valarie L.

Sleep Mask Winners: Kayleigh B.,  Trisha G., Valerie L., Samantha D., Carrie M., Christine S., Sheila S., Christina M., Blythe J., Amanda F.

Sunergetic 50% OFF Coupon Winners: Alesha D., Diane C., Alcina L., and Sacha S.

$20 Coco Jewelry Gift Card Winner: Gaia C.

$50 CiChic Fashion Gift Card Giveaway: Kremer R.

BlackFive Vegan Handbag Winner: Jackie L

Monogrammed Jewelry from PinkLily: Natalie Y.

Black Lace Shorts Winner: Helena B.

Crochet Cardigan Winner: Eurethal A.

California Naturel Skincare Winners: Darby M., Dana M., and Robyn D.

$25 For Black Frames and Lenses from Firmoo: Ashley P.,  Mai T., Joy N., Darby M., and Natalie B.

Vegan Leather Tidebuy Handbag Winner: Augustin C.

Willamy Collection Leather Wrap Bracelet: Dana L.

Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum Winner: Cindy B

Nautical Wallet Winner: Holly C.

Diva D'or Derma Roller Winners:  Kelly O., Ashley P., Kasey, Maureen K., and Courtney B.

Garcinia Cambogia Winners: Ashley P., Andrea H., and Christy D.

Little Black Dress Winner: Angela P.

Cosmetics Gift Set Winner: Soha M.

$25 in Art to Artiloo Perihan I.,  Dawn K., and Ashley P.

Chic Paisley Romper from Romwe: Alexey P.

Belitae Vitamin C Skin Serum: Joy N.

$25 for Round Glasses to Firmoo: Ali G., Jessamer A., Donna Q., Jastene G., and Joy N.

Chic Makeup Organizers Winner: Gabrielle O.

Vegan Leather Handbag Winner: April C.

Activewear Winner: Hina M.

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  1. I like that you have a whole page dedicated to your winners so that we can see if we won or not.

    1. Thanks so much Kim and thank you for your comment! xox