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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse + Luminous Shimmer Tanning Lotion Review

I'm sure you don't need to hear from me how unsafe tanning in the sun or in a tanning bed is. Unfortunately it took me way too long to figure this out and at age 26 I was already fighting sun spots! At that time, a family friend showed me her new scar from her surgery to remove Melanoma from her back. It scared the crap out of me and I immediately swore off the tanning beds and decided I had better quit laying out in the sun, and start finding products to give me that beautiful sun-kissed glow the healthy and safe way!

I've always been using sunless tanners ever since I can remember, since the times of horrible formulas that left you orange and streaky. I kind of quit them for awhile I got so sick of the results. In the last few years, I've been back on them and in hunt of the perfect self tanner! Something that would give me an amazing glow, no streaks, no orange, and a dark tan on the first try! A lot of brands I have tried have done pretty good to not leave me orange or streaky, but a lot of them don't give me the dark tan I really desire, at least not until I've used it 3 or 4 times in a week! Well I'm happy to tell you, if you are like me and have run into these same problems, I've found an amazing self tanner that will darken you up on the first use, and will NOT leave streaks, orange hands or a stinky odor behind!

This amazing self tanning brand is He-Shi, an award winning Irish Brand that was born in 2004 by a mom and daughter team determined to come up with the perfect line of self tanners that give desired results right away with out the mess other sunless tanners leave behind!

I got the He-Shi Dark Foaming mousse and Luminous Shimmer, as well as the tanning mitt for application, a few weeks ago and have been nothing but impressed! I was super happy to see right away that these amazing products are both paraben and alcohol free!

When I first opened up my Dark Foaming Mousse and began to apply it with my tanning mitt, I was impressed with how easy it was to use! The foam is super easy to apply and it only took a few minutes to cover my whole body. It glides on so smoothly and you can see exactly where it goes, so you don't leave streaks. It comes out a beautiful shade of brown. The Mitt feels nice on the skin and makes application so easy! No orange hands! I also really loved that there was no odor! This tanning solution is completely odorless and I was so happy to see that I wasn't going to be stinky for the next few hours. I did splash some mousse on my bathroom rug and freaked out for a minute thinking I had just ruined it! But a quick dab with some water and a paper towel and the mousse stain lifted immediately!

I have really dry skin so I was also worried my skin would be really dry since I used the mousse right out of the shower and didn't moisturize afterwards, but I was happy to find the mousse was actually very moisturizing, thanks to the fact that it contains the super moisturizing ingredient- glycerine!

After use, I hung out for a few minutes before dressing just to make sure, but as soon as I applied the mouse it had already dried! After 5 minutes I dressed and no stains were left on my clothing!

A few hours later when I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe my eyes. I had a super dark tan already! I loved how luminous it looked, and my skin felt super moisturized and soft as well! No orange, and no streaks could be found anywhere! I was so impressed with how dark of a tan the mousse gave me on the first use, that I didn't even need to apply it for the rest of the week. My tan stayed for several days, thanks to the castor oil He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse contains, to keep help boost absorption and penetrate the skin at a deeper level!

The next week I tried the He-Shi Luminous Shimmer. This body bronzer is exactly what you expect, super shimmery and super luminous! The application was super easy. I used the tanning mitt again so that my hands would be protected, and loved once again how easy it was to use and how fast and simple it was to apply this shimmery bronzer. My skin immediately dried and I could see the shimmer as soon as I applied it. It looked amazing and I loved how natural my skin looked with this product as well. 

What I found amazingly impressive about the He-Shi Luminous Shimmer was how well it stayed put all day long! I hate how a lot of shimmery lotions and bronzers usually leave traces of glitter every where you go, but I didn't notice that at all with this bronzer! Later that Night I still had sparkly, glittery skin! This formula is also water resistant to splashes of water or to rain, but can be washed off with your next shower. 

Not only does the Luminous Shimmer look amazing, give you a nice tan and some sparkle, but it also has insane health benefits for your skin! This fabulous bronzer is packed with enriching Quinoa Protein, Vitamin E, and Amino Acids! 

I tried to take pictures to show the awesome tan both of these amazing products gave me on the first use, but it was hard to get a good picture, but trust me when I tell you this is one of the best tanning products I've ever used! Its so easy to use, is actually good for your skin, is odorless, doesn't leave streaks or orange hands behind, and gives you a beautiful dark, but natural looking tan instantly! I absolutely love the rich color the Dark Foaming Mousse and Luminous Shimmer both gave me. The color developed so quickly and it dried super fast and wasn't sticky at all. Best of all, the gorgeous tan lasted for days!

If you are in the market for the perfect sunless tanner or shimmering bronzer, PLEASE check out He-Shi!  I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

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Firmoo PRX Sunglasses Review/Get a FREE PAIR!

I can't even begin to tell you the hunt I've been on for the perfect pair of Prescritpion Sunglasses! I have a hard time finding styles I like and especially at an affordable price! I've bought affordable PRX sunglasses in the past only to decide after a wear or two that they weren't comfortable, did not provide enough sun protection, or were just not my style! And the sunglasses I do love, totally out of my price range! 

Well that is until I came across Firmoo! If you wear glasses you absolutely need to check out this website. They offer the cutest range of styles in glasses, designer glasses, and sunglasses for women and men, and you will be AMAZED by the pricing! And get this, first time buyers get their first pair for ABSOLUTELY FREE! Have I got your attention now! I'll explain the details in a minute...

So here are my cute mauve PRX sunglasses! Pretty cute huh?! I love how dark the tint it too! Makes me feel like they are really doing their job of protecting my eyes!  They were also incredible easy to choose because unlike most sunglasses boutiques, Firmoo actually shows you pictures of buyers and bloggers with their own glasses and sunglasses on, so you get a great idea of how fabulous they will actually look on you! I loved this feature because glasses are so hard to buy without trying them on to see if they actually work with your face shape, or if you even like the style once its on your face!

When I tried on my Firmoo Sunglasses I was amazed with how perfect my PRX was and how well they fit. They are not tight but not loose so that they slide down my nose. They fit so comfortably and I absolutely love the style and the cute detail on the arms! Check out my Pics below:

I have really been enjoying these sunglasses and am soooo happy to finally find a pair of PRX sunglasses that I absolutely adore! I can wear them all day long and not get a headache because they are too tight! They are so comfortable and pretty darn chic, wouldn't you agree?!

Ok now the moment you've been waiting for, here is how you can get your hands on a FREE Pair! Go to the Firmoo Facebook page,  select the FREE GLASSES tab on the top right hand side, and then click on CHOOSE NOW to select your free pair of glasses (this can be regular glasses or PRX sunglasses) and have your PRX ready. Pretty simple right? All free eyewear is complemented with 1.50 index single vision lenses, just pay the shipping.

*You can claim a refund on the SHIPPING cost within 30 days after getting your eyewear if you're unsatisfied with it. 

Use code FREESHIP for free shipping on glasses over $39!

I hope you enjoy your new glasses as much as I enjoy mine! 

Dermaloque BB Cream Review

I recently got the pleasure to test out Dermaloque's Korean BB Cream! I love a good BB Cream but feel like sometimes they don't quite provide enough coverage. I recently got back from a trip to the Florida Keys, and my skin broke out like crazy while I was down there! When I got back I hit the Proactiv hard but I was worried about trying out this BB Cream, assuming it would not cover the blemishes, but boy was I surprised! This cream covered them perfectly, I didn't even need concealer for some of them, and yet after using it for a week, my skin has only cleared up, not gotten worse! Yay!

I really liked this BB Cream. It goes on a little thicker than others, but I liked that because it provided so much more coverage. It still mixed in perfectly with my skin, and didn't look heavy or leave lines like a foundation would. The color at first looked like it would not be the right shade when I first applied it to my skin, but as soon as you start mixing it disappears but covers everything you want hidden! I was super impressed with this BB cream and especially for how it lasts all day long too! Every day I would keep checking through out the day to see if my horrible acne was surfacing again and showing through the BB cream, but it didn't. Dermaloque's BB Cream provided coverage all day long! My skin also feels and looks healthier since I started using it. My acne has cleared up a bunch and my skin seems to love this cream as much as I do!

If you are in the market for a good BB Cream, I highly recommend Dermaloque Korean BB Cream! The shade matched and blended in perfectly, it was easy to smooth around, and it provided insane coverage without looking like a thick, cakey, foundation. From the picture below you can see my freckles still show through but the acne is very well hidden!

If you would like to learn more about Dermaloque and their fabulous BB Cream, Check them out on Twitter and Facebook! You can purchase it HERE on Ebay for only $24.99!

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New FREE SHAPEWEAR from Vedette this week!

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Enter to WIN Ball and Chain Jewelry- Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet ($70 Value)

Welcome to the Ball + Chain Jewelry Giveaway!

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Inova Professional REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

I recently was lucky enough to get my hands on some fabulous Inova Professional Products, and I am dying to share my experience with you!

For those of you who don't know about Inova Professional, this wonderful brand focuses on using the innovative brazilian silk keratin treatment to help build and strengthen hair. Keratin, collagen proteins, mineral oil, cacao extract, and other essential ingredients are combined to help smooth hair, fix the damage, and protect it from everyday dangers effecting hair. The end result is an AMAZING hair line that can be used alone or in conjunction with the Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment.

Inova Professional was founded by two salon owners and senior hair stylists with over 40 years of combined experience. They worked together to create a line to end frizziness, damaged, unmanageable, and over colored and processed hair. They wanted a treatment that would not only fix these common problems, but also help smooth, shine, and protect the hair. Together this goal was reached and the Pure Keratin Smoothing treatment was developed along with the Inova Professional line to be used in conjunction with this treatment or on their own, to deliver the best, smoothest, shiniest, healthy, most manageable hair.

In the last month or so, I got to try and test out the introduction kit and see for myself just how well these products live up to the claims. In the introduction kit, you get:

- Smooth Protection Sulfate Free Shampoo
- Smooth Hydration Conditioner
- Miracle Mask Deep Conditioning Treatment
- Sheer Magic Smoothing Balm
- Pure Shine Finishing Gloss

When my products arrived super fast, I couldn't wait to dig in them. The bottles all looked so luxurious!

I first started with the Smooth Protection Shampoo.

My first thoughts were how smooth it felt on my hair. I have super frizzy, dry, over processed hair, that is also super long and thick so it tangles like CRAZY! As usual my hair was super tangly and what really surprised me most about this shampoo, was that it seemed to be getting the tangles out! How often do you see Shampoo that does that?! It's usually what the conditioner does, right?! I only use shampoo on the roots and the top part of my hair and I've heard its not good for the ends, but what was trickling down seemed to also be untangling the rat nest in my hair! I loved how amazing this shampoo felt on my hair. My hair felt instantly smoother and to be perfectly honest, with the first use of this shampoo I was hooked and thought to myself, this is unlike any other shampoo I've ever used. I absolutely loved the way it made my hair feel. I could instantly tell a difference in how smooth my hair felt.

Next was the conditioner. I used this once a week with the shampoo and switched and used the deep conditioning mask with my second wash during the week. I really liked how smooth and creamy this conditioner was and how it also made my hair feel that way. It did a great job of detangling my hair and felt incredibly moisturizing on my hair. I really enjoyed how smooth and soft this made my hair feel.

The Miracle Mask is probably my favorite in this kit! It smells DIVINE! I felt like I was in the salon having my hair treated as soon as it came out of the package. It felt so luxurious on my hair and was instantly smoothing and moisturizing. I absolutely loved the way this mask glided onto my hair and how silky and smooth my strands felt immediately upon use. I then put my hair in the cap and left on for 20-30 minutes. The directions say to apply heat so a couple of times I used a hair dryer, and the other times I let the steam from the shower heat it up while I shaved my legs.

When I rinsed the mask out of my hair, my hair felt noticeably softer and smoother. I loved how my fingers glided through my hair, something that is pretty rare for me, especially when my hair is wet. My thick, dry hair felt so smooth, soft, and moisturized. I loved how my hair felt in my hands. I was instantly hooked on this mask!

After washing, I then followed up with the sheer magic, which is essentially a leave in treatment to  help aid in styling. It is applied to damp hair and it felt luxurious and smooth when I applied it to mine. I liked how easy my fingers worked through my hair with this product. It is rich and creamy and feels insanely soft on the hair. The Smoothing Balm uses nutrients to block out humidity while locking in essential nutrients, leaving the hair soft, manageable, and super smooth. I live in Wyoming so I don't have like ANY humidity to deal with but I took this lovely product on vacation with me last week to the Florida Keys, where anyone who's ever visited can tell you it's the humidity capitol of the states! I was extremely impressed with how well this product worked. My hair felt amazing on my trip as well! My hair was super soft, smooth, and my style stayed! I couldn't keep my hands out of my hair it felt so amazing! My hair did not feel weighed down and all but instead felt light, looked shiny, and was super, super soft!

Last, but certainly not least is the Pure Shine, used to add that crazy amount of shine while sealing the style! I noticed a big difference in my dry hair when using this. Because my hair is dry, damaged, and frizzy, it rarely looks shiny and healthy, but I was incredibly surprised with the amount of shine this product gave my hair. My hair looked and felt so soft and shiny. I used this both here in dry Wyoming, and in super Humid Florida, and was super impressed with how well my style stayed in both places, and looked so soft and shiny as well! I really, really, love this product and am wondering how I ever lived without this or the rest of the products from this amazing line!

Overall, this fantastic smoothing hair line gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me! I loved each and every product and noticed a huge different in my hair while using this luxurious hair care line! My hair looks and feels amazing and is softer and shinier than its ever been! I tried all kinds of different styles with these products and it lived up to the claim to hold my style while locking out humidity and making it look and feel its very best! I've tried a lot of different hair care products over the last few years and the Inova Professional line is at the very top of my list for my favorites! This is an amazing line that solved my frizzy, unmanageable hair the first time I used it! My hair has never looked and felt more moisturized, and I swear my hair is happier too! It looks and feels so amazing and I was seriously super impressed when I took the products to Florida to test them there as well. The last few times I went to Florida, I felt like thanks to the humidity, my hair was a lost cause, and I was so disappointed with how flat and heavy it would feel right away after walking out into the humidity! But not this time! These super smoothing products showed the humidity who was boss! My hair style stayed all day and my hair felt super light!

If you suffer from these common, annoying hair problems, you seriously need to do yourself a favor and check out this AMAZING hair care line! I promise, you will NOT be disappointed!! My hair has never felt better, and I can't believe how soft and smooth it feels!

If you would like to learn more about this amazing line of hair products, check out today!

Enter to win the Introduction Kit for yourself ($119 Value) and 2 other winners will win the Miracle Mask! 

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FREE Vedette Shapewear This Week! Pay Only $9.99 to Ship Anywhere!

FREE SHAPEWEAR from Vedette! 

A new catalog is up for this week! The Beautiful Shapewear listed above is absolutely FREE, just pay $9.99 to ship anywhere in the world!

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Enter to WIN! Blogs To Riches VIP Membership and Private Coaching Session Worth $2,600

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Elizabeth Grant Organics Concentrate and the Socializer Zit Zapper Reviews

I haven't had the pleasure of trying Elizabeth Grant products in the past but I've always heard so many good things about this line! Elizabeth Grant started her company many years ago when in 1948, she discovered a natural substance that was able to treat her own war wounds, improving her facial skin wounds so much within 8 months that she was able to quit hiding under dark glasses and big hats and show the world her beautiful face again! Once people started taking note of her beautiful skin years later, Elizabeth Grant started her fabulous skin care line in London in 1958, and made it her mission to share with the world, these amazing skin care products! Once only available through special order, customers around the world can now buy this luxurious skin care line!

I've always wondered just how well some of these products work. Lucky for me, I was recently able to get my hands on the Elizabeth Grant Organics Concentrate and the Socializer Zip Zapper! 

I have super dry skin already and live in an even windier, dryer, state, so my face can get extremely lizard-like in a hurry1 I am always on the hunt for super moisturizing products that will moisturize without making my skin break out, which has also become a recent problem for me in the last few years.

In just the last year or so I've been turned onto Argan oil and have become completely obsessed with it. I have only used it in my hair in the past so I was super excited to see that natural extracts used from the dormant bulb of the Narcissus flower, which contains highly moisturizing and rare Moroccan Argan oil and Torricelumn, are used in the Organics Concentrate by Elizabeth Grant. I love how smoothing and soft argon oil is on my hair so I knew it would be an amazing ingredient in skin care and it was! I really loved using this concentrate as a serum before moisturizing. It was so soft and smooth and didn't weigh down my skin. I found it so moisturizing, I used it alone after washing in the mornings. I really liked how it made my skin feel. It sealed in moisture without making my skin break out! I also used this treatment on my neck and décolleté as well! I was really impressed with this serum and I liked how smooth and soft and it felt on my skin, and how smooth, soft, and dewy it made my skin look!

I also love that this product is made of natural ingredients. I find that very important now that I've gotten a little older and especially since adult acne has come into the picture. I love being able to read the list of ingredients and see things that actually look good for me rather than seeing a list of chemicals I don't understand.

Next I tried the Socializer Zit Zapper by Elizabeth Grant to help spot treat some of the mild acne I have going on currently. I really enjoyed this product! It is so much fun to use! Seriously! I know you're thinking how is acne spot treatment fun to use? If anything its usually painful and burns right?! Well not the Socializer! This is the most unique zit zapping stuff I've ever seen! Let me tell you why! You twist the cap and out comes a gel like substance you smooth over the zit in a thin layer. Then you let it sit for a few hours or overnight on the skin. It dries and forms a gel-like barrier over the zit. Sounds pretty crazy right?! I would use it at night before bed and then wake up in the morning and get this - peel it off! You can wash it off but I found peeling it off to be so much more fun! It comes off super easily as well and It is not painful AT ALL! I could leave it on my skin all night no problem and I used it every single night and never felt a bit of pain or an ounce of burning! But most importantly, IT WORKS! My zits were noticeable smaller and less red when I peeled the Zit Zapper off my face the next morning. This is a Fabulous spot treatment! Especially since it works and is pain free! I honestly loved how unique it was and seriously had probably way more fun than I should've peeling it off each morning!

I was a big fan of both products! The Organics Concentrate really moisturized my skin and left it super smooth and soft without adding to my already mild acne problem. The Zit Zapper was so fun to use, completely pain free, and Got rid of my zits so much faster! Every morning my zits were smaller in size and not as red!

I highly recommend both of these products, especially for someone like me who has dry skin but still suffers from mild to moderate acne. But you don't need dry skin to fall in love with the Organics Concentrate, and if you have any kind of zit problem going on, Zit Zapper is for you! It does not dry your skin out at all but is hands down one of the best, if not the best, spot treatment I've ever used. It got rid of zits so much faster than other spot treatments I've used in the past, it will not cause any pain or burning, and it's so much fun to use!!!

If you would like to learn more about these products or check out any of the other fabulous products from the Elizabeth Grant Skin Care line, check out And banish that dry skin and those horribly pesky zits pronto!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shoe of the Day: Prada Platform Sandal

I have no idea what exactly these cute little decals on this Prada Platform Sandal are, but I'm totally loving them! These shoes are so fun and so different! I've never seen anything like this before! Leave it to Prada to make you see a shoe as a beautiful piece of art! I would buy these and put them on a shelf to display them in my home - and of course wear the living daylights out of them when they aren't  busy being the center of attention for my guests!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mani Monday

Mani Monday:

Blue sparkle top coat: Essie Luxe Effects- Stroke of Brilliance
Gold: Deborah Lippmann - Sugar Daddy

Shoe of the Day: Christian Louboutin Purple Ribbon Platform Sandals

Here's a little Christian Louboutin to help you get through your Monday! Isn't this purple ribbon ankle strapped sandal just too cute?!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Shoe of the Day: Zara Vamp Flats with Studded Heel

How cute are these Zara flats?! I love the fun print and the strap around the ankle which you NEVER see on flats! I absolutely love the studded heel too. I think the combination of these things make this shoe incredibly unique. I don't usually get too excited about flats either, but These adorable Zara flats have totally got my attention!

Pick them up today for $79.90 at

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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