Friday, May 25, 2012

Goth Lips for Spring

Check out my Guest Blog post this week for on the Spring Makeup Trend: Goth Lips

No its not Halloween yet, but the spring lip trend would sure believe you to think so. Goth inspired lips have been popping up all over the runways lately and a lot of celebrities have been rockin’ the look too. The look consists of lots of super dark purples and reds, with a little or maybe eve a big hint of black.

The Goth Lip trend is incredibly bold but can be a lot of fun. So how do you pull of such a dark look?  First, try out a lot of different shades to find the one that goes best with your skin tone. You don’t have to have pale skin to pull off this look. A rich dark colored wine or brighter purple looks amazing on medium and olive tone while a darker plum or pinky-red shade flatters skin on the light side.

When going for a rich, dark lip, be sure to keep the rest of your face neutral. Use a light brown or cream shadow around the eyes, soften up the eyeliner and mascara, and go easy on the blush. The lip should be the main focus, and the only super dramatic thing going on. You can also mix in two spring trends by doing an ombre lip, keeping the lighter color on the center of your lips, and moving to the darker shade on the outer part of the lips.

Precision is important with this look, so be sure to use a brush or pencil around the edges of your mouth to keep the look fabulous and not messy. Just make sure the pencil matches your lipstick so you don’t have the black-real goth lip liner look going on!

This look can be a lot of fun to play with, so have fun and but be sure to keep your outfit and jewelry light, playful and flirty, so you don’t get accidentally mistaken for being in a grunge/goth band!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glo Science - Glo Brilliance Teeth Whitening Review

Recently I've talked about how much I've been dying to buy and try the Glo Brilliance At-Home Teeth whitening system, thanks to the fact that it claims to not make teeth sensitive, and saves you money from not having to buy expensive dental whitening treatments, while still getting the same results.

I use Crest White strips normally, but I already have super sensitive teeth and the last time I used the latest white strip, I woke up in the middle of the night in pain my teeth were throbbing so hard, so I was thrilled when I purchased this system from Sephora and it showed up at my door!

The directions are really simple and I was pleased to see how easy using the Glo Brilliance would be. I however was not pleased with the fact that it required you to change the gel every 8 minutes, for a total of four times per treatment. The brush was easy to use and I did feel like the gel went on really well and stayed off my gums like it claims too. I however forgot to use the lip balm the first two times and by the end of my first treatment (after 32 minutes) my lips were completely swollen, thanks to the contact it made with the gel.

The mouth piece is really simple to use and you keep the power cord wrapped around your neck so its easy to do whatever you want for 32 minutes while you wait for the teeth whitening. I wish it beeped to let you know when it was done every 8 minutes. I had to keep looking down at it to see when it was time (it just blinks to let you know).

After day one I could already tell a difference with my teeth. Like i said though, my lips were really swollen for a good hour or two afterwards.

Day two I was really good about using the lip balm between each gel change, but my lips started to burn this time, when the gel came in contact with it. I had a hard time placing the gel on the bottom teeth without it getting on my lips. My lips began to burn. Once the second day of treatment was done, I had blisters on my bottom lip. Ouch! Although my teeth again seemed whiter and so far absolutely no teeth sensitivity.

The directions say to use it 3-5 days in a row. I took day three off, my lips hurt so bad. I applied coconut oil like crazy which seemed to help heal them. By day four I was ready to give the Glo Brilliance another try, but this time I kept a tissue over my bottom lip the whole time to keep the gel from getting on my lips. It actually worked really well, but I did quite a bit of drooling this time while holding the tissue to my lips for the 32 minute treatment. lol.

I continued using the tissue for the next two treatments and my lips burned a little but this really helped. I found the pain bearable and after a few days my lips had completely heeled. I noticed a pretty good difference in my teeth whitening after using five treatments (and bare in mind I took a day off in the middle of the treatments, which i shouldn't have...) Here are my results:

After the treatment (5 days, although not consecutive)

Before the Treatment

The directions say you can use up to all 10 treatments (one treatment per day, consecutively) but because of my sore lips, I only did five. I think It would have made a much bigger difference if I had done ten days in a row though.

In conclusion, this teeth whitening system is expensive. ($275 at Sephora) and the vial refills are about $45 for 10 (which will last you 2-3 different treatments). I like that once you have the system, maintaining it easy and actually pretty cheap compared to buying Crest White strips or getting an in-office treatment, but thats if you already have the $275 system). It did burn my lips and I later read from a lot of reviews, that was actually pretty common, but I found holding a tissue to cover my lip helped tremendously and I will continue to do that in the future. Also, I experienced absolutely no teeth sensitivity at all, which to me, is worth using this system again.

If you have the money to shell out for the system and absolutely do not want any teeth sensitivity, this may be the at-home teeth whitening system for you! Just be aware that it can burn your lips, and be sure to use the lip balm or like me, use a tissue to protect your lips from the gel. Otherwise, as far as the results go, Crest White strips might be the way to go, if you don't want to spend that kind of money, and you don't mind the teeth sensitivity....

To learn more about Glo Brilliance Teeth Whitening, be sure to check out their website HERE.

To purchase from Sephora, Click HERE.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GIVEAWAY: WIN 1 Qrt Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil!


Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoe of the Day: Gianmarco Lorenzi

Can Gianmarco Lorenzi do no wrong?! This beautiful shoe brand is quickly becoming one of my favorites, thanks to the unique, colorful, absolutely gorgeous styles! I've totally been into yellow this season and this shoe just takes me over the top! I love the pretty flower details as well as the wavy sides, and black details. I would find an excuse to wear this beautiful shoe with everything this summer!

Mani Monday - Back to the 80s!

Sorry I'm late to post this week, had a busy last few days...  I love this manicure, the colors totally remind me of men's bathing suits in the 80s and I'm totally loving the chevron pattern showing up on nails right now, so I had to give it a try!

Blue: OPI-  Did it On Em (Nicki Minaj Collection)
Yellow/Green - OPI- Fly (Nicki Minaj Collection)
Hot Pink: Kiss Nails Nait Art
Silver: Kiss Nails Nail Art

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm so excited to let you all know that recently honored MyStyleSpot with an Editor's Pick- Best of the Web in Style! Thank you so much Pocketchange! I feel extremely honored and thankful to receive this award!

To check out the feature click HERE.

Shoe of the Day: United Nude Geisha Platform Sandal

If you don't know United Nude, you should! They are known for their incredibly unique, fun styles! This huge platform sandal, the Geisha, is part of their new Spring/Summer line. Gotta love the bright flash of neon yellow on this shoe. I have a hard time figuring out if I think this shoe is Hot or Not. It's one of those shoes I just have to try on to see if I love it or hate it....

Slip into some Fashion Rooster This Weekend!

Looking for the perfect comfy, yet super cute weekend outfit?! Then look no further... knows how to style you in comfort! Find unique adorable tees, tanks, hoodies, and yoga pants at fabulous prices!   Fashion Rooster  can even hook you up with fun hats and scarfs. I'm personally crushing on their fabulous black swim suit! Don't forget your man! Fashion Rooster can also outfit him in style, in polos, tees, and beanies!

Check out this casual chic boutique at and don't forget to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to be totally entertained as well as enter contests! 

Congrats Sahara Rao!

Congrats Sahara Rao!!  You are the lucky winner of the Blue Denim Shorts Giveaway! (Rafflecopter entry #144)

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Glo Brilliance Teeth Whitening System

Check out my Guest Blog Post for on the Glo Science Brilliance Teeth Whitening System:

While there are teeth whitening systems that can now be used at home, many create horrible teeth sensitivity or just do not deliver the professional whitening results.
The new Glo Science Brilliant At-Home Teeth Whitening System, created by a dentist with over 25 years of experience, guarantees professional results without sensitivity. The system’s breakthrough technology was designed to be easy to use, efficient, and safe.
The gel is carbamide- and alcohol-free, which are what usually cause tooth sensitivity in teeth whitening products. The gel was created to stay put on the teeth and not stick to the gums, tongue or lips, making it more efficient and less irritating to the mouth. The Glo Brilliant System’s gel is stored in small G vials with a brush on the end, designed to spread the gel evenly on the teeth, while avoiding other sensitive places in the mouth.
The Glo Professional works by using a mouth piece instead of messy, sticky strips. The mouth piece then heats up the gel, making it more effective. Four different applications are placed on the teeth for eight minutes at a time (a total of 32 minutes per treatment), for three to five days, or even up to 10 consecutive days, if desired.
Glo Brilliance has been clinically tested to whiten up to five shades without sensitivity, and its amazing technology helped make it a finalist in the 2012 Edison Awards as a new game-changing product. While this system claims to be effective and is getting a lot of credible results, the system is very expensive and will set you back a few Benjamins. The Glo Science System may save the consumer money over time by not having to regularly buy expensive at-home teeth whitening treatments or having professional teeth whitening done in- office, but the reviews on this product are still pretty mixed. Most rated the product three out of five stars; some complain of not getting the results they expected and even getting lip burns from continual use.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vedette Shapewear GIVEAWAY

Vedette Shapewear: Viveka Bustier

I love a good piece that can easily go from Day to Night, and the Viveka Bustier from Vedette Shapewear can easily do just that! This gorgeous bustier is super sexy and can easily be worn at night for that gorgeous vixen look, but when paired with some light colors and a flowy day-time knee length skirt and a lace jacket, the hot bustier looks fierce and perfect for day time without going overboard.

The Viveka Bustier is incredibly comfortable and super flattering. It gave me all the right curves and hugged in the parts I certainly don't want to be shown. I loved adding a dark sexy look to the bustier for night by adding some sky high platform patin leather pumps as well as  some big fun earrings and a metallic bag to give the look a polished, yet playful, sexy look.

The Viveka Bustier is perfect to go from day to night because it still adds that extra hint of sexiness, whether you want to play it up for night or tone it down for day. I love how easy it is to style around and how easily it can take any look up a notch! I also really love that for a more casual day time look, the gorgeous Bustier still made me feel incredibly sexy and gave my look some edge. 

While most of us reserve sexy bustier's for only the bedroom, this gorgeous, sexy piece can easily be incorporated into stylish, chic, outfits that can either be worn at day or at night. Its a great way to play up a look and bring that little bit of sexiness to any outfit without going overboard. The most amazing thing about Vedette's Viveka Bustier is how fabulous I felt in it! I feel like my confidence really comes through in this beautiful shapewear because it IS so sexy and because it gives me the sexy curves my straight up and down body lacks. 


The Lovely Ladies at Vedette Shapewear will give THREE WINNERS each a surprise shapewear made to fit, from their site!  This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY! 

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Mani Monday

Blue: OPI - I want to be a Lone Star
Purple: OPI - Planks A Lot
Pink: OPI - Sparrow me the Drama
Silver: Kiss Nail Art
White: Kiss Nail Art

Friday, May 11, 2012

GIVEAWAY: What Women Want

What Exactly to Women Want? Well for starters, there's  good friends, a fabulous family, a loving, supportive husband, a wonderful career, and oh yeah... Amazing Jewelry, Bags, cash, and beauty products! Unfortunately we can't give away the Loving husband, wonderful family, and dream job, but we can give away the latter! 


A new season of fashion and beauty if quickly approaching. Butler Bag, Karren's Avon (creator/writer for Oh! My Heartsie) and Mom to Bed by 8 (the Iowa-Mom)want to offer one lucky reader a prize package that is sure to tickle your fancy and bring joy to your wardrobe and skin all at the same time.

Here are some of the amazing things you can enter to win in this GIVEAWAY:

Butler Bag, "The World's Most Organized Handbag"

The Butler Bag Everyday Tote is a perfectly versatile back. Offered in three colors and create from genuine Nana leather. This bag offers two zippered pockets outside and a compartmentalized interior with zippered "privacy pocket" inside. This is a true organizer's purse dream come true.
Karren's Avon is generously providing a bath and body package plus a few accessories extras to make you smile.
Odyssey Cologne Spray, Odyssey Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and Odyssey Perfumed Skin Softener
RARE DIAMONDS Body Lotion, RARE DIAMONDS Shower Gel and RARE DIAMONDS Eau de Parfum Spray
SKIN SO SOFT Signature Silk Moisturizing Shower Gel, SKIN SO SOFT Signature Silk Gelled Body Oil and SKIN SO SOFT Signature Silk Replenishing Hand Cream
Florence Gift Set
Leading Love 2-Piece Gift Set
Silver Coin Purse and Black Wallet
Finally Mom to Bed by 8, the Iowa-Mom wants you to enjoy your stylish night out and is bringing a $50 Visa Gift Card to the What A Woman Wants party for you to do just that.

Giveaway starts on May 11 at 12:01AM and ends May 25 at 11:59PM. Open to the US residents only; must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

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A Shoe of a Different Color, Err Heel.

I realize I've been posting a TON of shoe posts lately, like a lot more than normal... I might as well call this MyShoeSpot. lol. Sorry though, here's another shoe post! :)

I've been keeping my eyes on this crazy heel since it came out last year. Unfortunately most of the styles that are out would cost you a fortune, like these Giuseppe Zanotti sandals above (you don't even want to know what they cost). So I was absolutely THRILLED so see inexpensive versions showing up lately! 

Here are some of the gorgeous styles I've found from,, and  each of which is around only $30-$50! 

I'm absolutely loving the huge variety! The color block sandal above and bright pink/leapard wedges are my favorite! Actually you know what?! I'm really loving them all!

Make sure to check out these great sites today to get in on this fun trend on the cheap!

Happy Shopping!

Saving Your Feet, one Beautiful Shoe at a Time!

I'm notorious for wearing the wrong shoes on all kinds of occasions, just ask my husband! What can I say, I'm obsessed with shoes, all kinds, and usually my favorites happen to be super high, incredibly uncomfortable heels!

Well lucky for me Butterfly Twists  makes gorgeous flats and boots that- get this- are foldable! You can wrap them up into a ball, tuck them into your bag, then when you're feet start to hurt, thanks to those dreaded awful heels, you can pull these beauties out and save your feet, and in my case, your husbands ears.. 

These shoes are so adorable I'd wear them anyway, not just when my feet need them! And don't forget your mom! How cute would these be for Mothers Day?! I know my mom would love a break from flowers and jewelry, ok maybe not jewelry, but you know what I mean... lol Especially if you're short on cash and can't quite afford the $200 diamond necklace, you can pick up these adorable shoes for only $35-$50!

To check out the great foldable shoe selection check out  

Be sure to like Butterfly Twists on Facebook and enter to win a pair for you AND your mom for Mothers Day! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shoe of the Day: Vera Wang Strappy Bootie

Here's some shoe Eye Candy for your Tuesday... The Strappy Bootie by Vera Wang... Hope you have a wonderful day! xo

Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vedette Shapewear Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Gorgeous Viveka Bustier from the Vedette Shapewear Sensuale Collection. When the beautiful bustier arrived I was in love as soon as I saw it and pulled it out of the luxurious gift wrapping. It is incredibly sexy and looks so elegant. Vedette designs shapewear to give you an amazing shape and each piece is so pretty it can be worn as lingerie as well as for that ultimate support or tummy tuck so many of us are looking for.

Vedette Shapewear has been designing beautiful, high quality shapewear for over 30 years. Besides incredible sexy bustiers, they also offer waist cinches, compression garments (which you can choose light, dual, medium or firm control) body shapers, bum enhancers, and even post surgery shapewear, to help you achieve your ideal silhouette in comfort. They also have an incredible range of sizes from 3 XS to 3 XL, and a variety of gorgeous colors as well as the basic nudes, whites, and blacks.

Bustier: Vedette Shapewear : Viveka 
Skirt: The Limited
Short Sleeve Blazer: Guess
Black Bow Open-Toed Pumps: Paris Hilton
Crossbody Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Oakley

When I first put on the gorgeous Viveka Bustier I was amazed with the quality of the bustier. It is well made and provides amazing support. I also found it much easier to put on then other bustiers I've tried in the past. All the clasps also stayed shut when I wore it unlike other bustiers I've worn, that often popped open once I was up and moving around. Once on, I could feel that it was doing its job of sucking me in, but it was not uncomfortable in the least! In fact, I wore it around for the afternoon and even to dinner, and didn't feel uncomfortable at all, all though I think it did tell me when to stop eating. LOL. Which I actually liked! (I tend to over do it when eating delicious Cajun food!)

Once on, I felt incredibly sexy in this gorgeous bustier! I loved how sleek and sexy it looked and made me feel! I felt like all of my flaws were hidden and my natural boy shape had actually turned into a sexy hour glass! My tummy also looked and felt amazingly flat, and who doesn't want that?! 

Because this lovely piece is so uber sexy, I wanted to tone it down a bit with a more casual color palette although still keeping up a sexy date night look. I added a playful skirt in a plaid print and short sleeved blazer to tone down the sex appeal, and also cover a little more skin, while also keeping the look Saturday night appropriate!

I loved wearing this super chic, high quality shapewear and although its probably more appropriate for the bedroom, I had a blast putting together a fun outfit around it, and I loved how sexy it made me feel! It made me feel like I had the perfect silhouette I've always dreamed of having, and I didn't have to sacrifice comfort or hold my breath to do it! Vedette Shapewear has such an amazing shapewear collection for every need imaginable, you're sure to find exactly what you are looking for to get that shape you've always wanted! Their phenomenal shapewear is incredibly exquisite, effective, and sure to please! 

If you would like to learn more about this fabulous shapwear company, or pick up a beautiful, slimming piece for yourself, check Vedette out at