Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Diamond Veneer Review + GIVEAWAY! is reshaping what we think about Cubic Zirconia! I know from my past experience I haven't thought of Cubic Zirconia as anything special, disregarding it for being a "fake" diamond, but Diamond Veneer has forever changed my opinion on Cubic Zirconia! Their stones are absolutely beautiful and sparkle just like a real diamond! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beautiful pink pendant from Diamond Veneer and absolutely love it! This necklace makes me feel like a million bucks! I love how gorgeous it is and how many compliments I have been getting on this absolutely stunning necklace!

So how exactly does Diamond Veneer make their Cubic Zirconia look like the real thing? They treat all of their stones with a film of carbon diamond particles, resulting in a beautiful, flawless "G" color on the Diamond Color Scale! Wow! Thats pretty incredible, right?! The Veneer of a carbon diamond crystallized around every side of the gemstone, creates an incredibly perfect cut Cubic Zirconia. This vaporization process done under extreme heat and pressure significantly increases the durability, refraction, and fire (up to five times) making it gleam just like a real diamond for a whole lot less! will revolutionize the way we look at Cubic Zirconia thanks to this amazing process and the beautiful, exquisite, and luxurious outcome of their gemstones! 

My necklace looks pretty incredible right? I absolutely love it and would have no problem spending so little on some more of these beautifully cut Diamonds, uh, I mean Cubic Zirconia.. The sterling silver necklace and beautiful pink gemstone is a showstopper for sure! 

Find out for yourself and check out today! They have so many beautiful pieces to choose from, including beautiful earrings and rings in beautiful yellows, pinks, and oranges, as well as the traditional clear. It's the perfect gift to give to yourself or someone special this holiday season while staying in budget!

Right now, Get beautiful pendants from at 50% off through the end of the year!

"If it looks like a Diamond, Sparkling like a Diamond, it must be Diamond Veneer."

Enter to WIN a beautiful DIAMOND VENEER Solitaire for yourself! 

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  1. I love their 3CT TW RADIANT CUT RING!!! It's a great option even when going on vacation so that in case you lose your ring, it's not the "real" one but noone can tell! I love it!

    Liz Ticona

    SKU # 635R12826!
    I've been trying to enter this giveaway but it just keeps trying to load the entry form.... (loading with the circle spinning)=It's been over an hr & I want to enter so hopefully this will count. 12/28/12 @ 9:41PM

  3. I love to win this: 6CT TW STUDS Earrings for $180.00
    SKU: 635E600

    Rhania Chang

    tweeted giveaway====I LOVE the ring SKU#635R128261 THE 1.5 SIMULATED DIAMOND-DIAMOND VENEER RING it is so pretty & unique!

  5. I love the canary gorgeous!

  6. I like the 3 CT ROUND BAIL PENDANT.

  7. I like this ring the 3ct round.