Monday, July 2, 2012

Vente-Privee: A New Way to Shop Designer at Deeply Discounted Prices!

Who doesn't want gorgeous, high quality designer goods, but lets be real, most of us, like 95% of us probably can't afford it! That is until now... Vente Privee is a fabulous way to get those hot items at a fraction of the cost! 

SheSpeaks has teamed up with this amazing shopping site to offer you the most incredible deals on the hottest trends! Vente Privee posts daily deals on designer goods at up to 70% off retail prices! Now thats a number most of us can work with! This wonderful shopping site is constantly adding new merchandise at these incredible prices to members! And guess what?! Membership is absolutely FREE!  

Everyday at 10 am EST you can find the latest hot new deal exclusive to Vente Privee members! These deals include fashion for the whole family, jewelry, accessories, and home decor available for 72 hours!  You can also rest assured that this site is backed by incredible customer service! 

Created in 2001 in France by Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Vente Privee helped pioneer the Flash Sales shopping experience by helping brands and designers sell excess inventory and of course by giving members the most incredible pricing available on these fabulous goods!

Check out this video on the what happens behind the scenes at Vente Privee and see some of the amazing brads/designers they offer! 

If you are interested in having that "It" bag, or the hot new shoe, but don't want to put yourself in debt to buy it, then check out Vente Privee today! Click HERE to sign up for FREE membership


  1. I would love to have designer goods at 95% off!

    1. Me too! thanks for your comment Amberr! :) :)