Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glo Science - Glo Brilliance Teeth Whitening Review

Recently I've talked about how much I've been dying to buy and try the Glo Brilliance At-Home Teeth whitening system, thanks to the fact that it claims to not make teeth sensitive, and saves you money from not having to buy expensive dental whitening treatments, while still getting the same results.

I use Crest White strips normally, but I already have super sensitive teeth and the last time I used the latest white strip, I woke up in the middle of the night in pain my teeth were throbbing so hard, so I was thrilled when I purchased this system from Sephora and it showed up at my door!

The directions are really simple and I was pleased to see how easy using the Glo Brilliance would be. I however was not pleased with the fact that it required you to change the gel every 8 minutes, for a total of four times per treatment. The brush was easy to use and I did feel like the gel went on really well and stayed off my gums like it claims too. I however forgot to use the lip balm the first two times and by the end of my first treatment (after 32 minutes) my lips were completely swollen, thanks to the contact it made with the gel.

The mouth piece is really simple to use and you keep the power cord wrapped around your neck so its easy to do whatever you want for 32 minutes while you wait for the teeth whitening. I wish it beeped to let you know when it was done every 8 minutes. I had to keep looking down at it to see when it was time (it just blinks to let you know).

After day one I could already tell a difference with my teeth. Like i said though, my lips were really swollen for a good hour or two afterwards.

Day two I was really good about using the lip balm between each gel change, but my lips started to burn this time, when the gel came in contact with it. I had a hard time placing the gel on the bottom teeth without it getting on my lips. My lips began to burn. Once the second day of treatment was done, I had blisters on my bottom lip. Ouch! Although my teeth again seemed whiter and so far absolutely no teeth sensitivity.

The directions say to use it 3-5 days in a row. I took day three off, my lips hurt so bad. I applied coconut oil like crazy which seemed to help heal them. By day four I was ready to give the Glo Brilliance another try, but this time I kept a tissue over my bottom lip the whole time to keep the gel from getting on my lips. It actually worked really well, but I did quite a bit of drooling this time while holding the tissue to my lips for the 32 minute treatment. lol.

I continued using the tissue for the next two treatments and my lips burned a little but this really helped. I found the pain bearable and after a few days my lips had completely heeled. I noticed a pretty good difference in my teeth whitening after using five treatments (and bare in mind I took a day off in the middle of the treatments, which i shouldn't have...) Here are my results:

After the treatment (5 days, although not consecutive)

Before the Treatment

The directions say you can use up to all 10 treatments (one treatment per day, consecutively) but because of my sore lips, I only did five. I think It would have made a much bigger difference if I had done ten days in a row though.

In conclusion, this teeth whitening system is expensive. ($275 at Sephora) and the vial refills are about $45 for 10 (which will last you 2-3 different treatments). I like that once you have the system, maintaining it easy and actually pretty cheap compared to buying Crest White strips or getting an in-office treatment, but thats if you already have the $275 system). It did burn my lips and I later read from a lot of reviews, that was actually pretty common, but I found holding a tissue to cover my lip helped tremendously and I will continue to do that in the future. Also, I experienced absolutely no teeth sensitivity at all, which to me, is worth using this system again.

If you have the money to shell out for the system and absolutely do not want any teeth sensitivity, this may be the at-home teeth whitening system for you! Just be aware that it can burn your lips, and be sure to use the lip balm or like me, use a tissue to protect your lips from the gel. Otherwise, as far as the results go, Crest White strips might be the way to go, if you don't want to spend that kind of money, and you don't mind the teeth sensitivity....

To learn more about Glo Brilliance Teeth Whitening, be sure to check out their website HERE.

To purchase from Sephora, Click HERE.


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