Sunday, January 22, 2012

BamJamz Loungewear/Sleepwear Review

If you haven't tried bamboo pajamas, you are in for a real treat! BamJamz are pajamas made of signature premium bamboo organic stretch fabrics, designed to be the most comfortable things you will ever wear.

They come in several different tops and bottoms, including the boyfriend Tee, tank top, hoodie, tunic, terry spa top and bottoms, spa lounge pants, long pants, and leggings. Most styles come in black or gray and some also come in a few other colors, such as Orchid and Eclipse (Pink and Purple). They also offer some graphic prints for some pieces from the BamJamz collection.

I recently bought the long pants in black and boyfriend tee in Orchid, to really see if they are comfortable as they claim to be. I have bamboo sheets that are the softest most comfortable things ever so I knew bamboo was special and when I heard about these pajamas/lounge wear. I had to try them!

When I got my Bamjamz, I immediately pulled them out of the packaging to feel them. They are amazingly soft, but wait until you put them on! I will never lounge around in anything else! They are stylish, incredibly comfortable, and feel so amazing. I usually sleep in my birthday suit and was reluctant to actually sleep in these but I was pleasantly surprised when I did. They feel so natural, I didn't feel like I even had them on as I slept. I don't like to wear cotton to bed because it pulls and gets stuck under me as I move around in my sleep, but the Bamjamz move right along with you and don't pull. I didn't even notice they were there all night. Ive been wearing them around the house all weekend, and have absolutely fallen in love with these incredible pajamas. They are never constricting, but are super soft and feel so luxurious. I also love the style and think they look so cute as well!

Bamjamz are incredibly practical and can be washed and thrown in the dryer (on low, although don't hang dry them!) I also found them to be true to fit, and the stretch fabric is perfect for giving you that great shape. They are also designed to keep you fresh, dry, and cool when its warm, and warm when its cold. I have noticed from wearing them this weekend that they do help keep me warm. I was worried the T shirt wouldn't be enough to keep me warm, and that I would need a jacket to wear around the house with my bamjamz, but I haven't needed it at all.

If you are looking for the perfect stylish, yet amazing comfortable loungewear or pajamas, then Bamjamz are for you! I promise you will not be disappointed. I don't know if I will be taking these off any time soon, even when monday morning comes! :)

To check out their great selection, check out their website at They also offer a mens collection called Guats, you can check out at Also, right now Neiman Marcus is offering an incredible deal on Bamjamz, where most of the items are more than 50% off!

Happy Shopping!


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