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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joico Kpak Review

I've been bleaching my hair for years and using hot styling tools, and basically just beating the crap out of my hair my whole life. I finally realized after 10 years of bleaching it was time to finally stop, especially after all the embarrassing haircut appointments, where I had to show my stylist how bad of shape my hair was really in.

After a year of letting my natural hair color come in, and trying my best to help improve the condition of my hair, I was still struggling with getting a healthy look I desired.

My hairstylist suggested Joico's Kpak for my damaged, over bleached, over processed hair and I was amazed how much it turned it around. It became so much more healthy after about 6 months, and actually had some shine to it for the first time in my life. I would highly recommend this wonderful product to others in need of some hair TLC!

I used the shampoo, conditioner, reconstructor, and intense hydrator. I would let the reconstructor sit on my hair for 20 minutes once a week, and the hydrator for 2 hours under a shower cap for once a week, and this made the biggest difference to my hair I've ever seen. After only a couple of months I could see a big difference.

Once the bottle was gone, my hair looks and feels amazing. I've never seen it this healthy! I also used to get tangles all the time in my thick hair but not anymore. My hair feels so soft and luxurious and feels so amazing.

If you're hair needs some help like mine did, be sure to check out Joico Kpak. There are only a few hair and beauty products I feel super passionate about because of the amazing results, and this is one of them! You can check Joico out HERE.

My profile pic on the right was taken shortly after using this product. I don't think my hair has ever looked better!

Clinique Laser RepairWear Focus Review

A few years ago i had sun spots pop up and got the worst one just above my upper lip, making me look like I have a mustache!! I was so humiliated and wouldn't leave the house without a full face of makeup. I tried every concealer and foundation possible to try to cover it up, but nothing seemed to fully cover it. I also tried so many different products for fading sun spots and nothing was working! I saw an add in a magazine for clinique's Laser RepairWear Focus and decided to give it a try, hoping it would do the trick!

I noticed a huge difference after only a couple of months of using Clinique's Laser RepairWear Focus.. I had tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. I have been using this for the last couple of years and my sun spots are hardly noticeable now, especially the horrible mustache sun spot! lol. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to minimize some sun spots. You won't be disappointed in this product! Its amazing! I will never switch to anything else because I've been so extremely happy with the results!

Here is a recent picture of no makeup. I would've never let anyone see me like this a few years ago! You can hardly notice the sun spot above my upper lip. There's a little bit on my forehead but its barely noticeable as well.

I use Clinique at night before bed and am sure to wear sunscreen every single day now!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is This Not the Prettiest Dress You've Ever Seen?

Asos has this exquisite dress and not just in Red! You can get this gorgeous eye-popping dress in Purple, Green, and Blue!

Hurry over to the ASOS website to get this fabulous dress! Their running out quickly! I was so bummed to see they were all out of my size, I love this dress! So if you are a size 10-18, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!! Oh yeah and the best part, this dress is only 51 Euro! Wowza!

Check it out HERE.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Style Pic- Still Hanging onto Summer!

It's such nice weather today I just had to wear shorts! lol. I paired my Express Shorts with a bomber jacket I got from Forever 21 last season, and a yellow ribbed tank from Vanity. I just got the Two Lips boots in the mail today from DSW.

I had to Give the boots their own pic, they are so fabulous! They are super soft and comfortable and I absolutely love the lace pattern and feather detail!

Fabulous Nails- Skip the Polish!

Have you tried Fabulous Nails yet? They are so easy to apply, so chic, and you can skip the mess of nail polish!

There are many styles to choose from and it takes about the same amount of time it would to paint a base coat, 2 coats of polish, and a top coat-minus the dry time!

To use these nails, you simply use your blow dryer on it for a few seconds to heat it up and make it sticky. Apply to your nail, put pressure on it with your fingers for about 30 seconds, and cut to the size you like and file off the edge (by filing down) and you're done!

I thought these were really fun to use. They also have a good instructional video on their website you can check out for a little extra help.

I really like how creative and colorful they are. The patterns are so fun especially since I'm not creative with the nail polish!

The only downside is they don't last long. I lost two nails about 8 hours later, thanks to flossing!
So if you want a look to stay put all week, you're probably better off with polish, but for a night out on the town, these are totally the way to go!

Check out today! They also have a super fun Halloween collection up on their website right now!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Violent Lips - Its All The Rage For Your Lips!

Violent lips- the temporary tattoo for your lips! How fun are these?! This is just one sample but violent lips have many different super fun tattoos you can pick up from their website

These lip tattoos are just like the old school tattoos you played with back in grade school. They come in pre-cut lip shapes, and you just trym to fit your lip, peel off the back, and then dot with a cotton ball soaked with water for about a minute, and voila- your temporary lip tattoo is all set!

This was my first one and I found it pretty easy to apply, especially after watching the helpful video on their website. I had to cut quite a bit off for my small lips, but they give you nice lines you can trim to fit, making it way easy!

Applying it was pretty simple. It just took me a minute to figure out how exactly to place them, but really these incredibe tattoos are kind of hard to mess up. You can just rub off around the edges if you covered more of your lips. Just be sure to not apply to the inside of your lips, as it won't stick correctly here.

I put these on and went out for date night and they stayed on amazingly well. The website says they last 4-8 hours. Mine stayed on perfectly all night, though drinking, a little bit of eating, and a little bit of kissing :)

I highly recommend these for a fun unique way to spice up your lips, or when you just don't feel like applying lipstick. I love that I didn't have to do any touch ups all night!

Beware though, you will get A LOT of attention and looks with these, so wear them when you are feeling brave! I would recommend these to all my single friends especially, these lip tattoos are such a great conversation starter!

Check out the great selection of lip tattoos HERE.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Awesome 24 Hour Sale Site You Need to Join (Its Free!) is a fun 24 hour deal site that has new exciting deals posted every day (starting at Noon EST).

You can find everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags, to home furnishings, and holiday decor!

I've shopped this site about 5-6 times and have gotten some great deals including this puffy coat for only $21 (reg &49) and two pairs of Colin Stuart shoes, and I've never paid more than $30! I was also impressed with the quality of products, they aren't cheap, but are well made, making you feel like you got a steal!

They offer amazing deals all the time plus you get $10 credit on your sign up as well as credit to your account when friends join. My last purchase I had enough credit I scored the $50 Colin Stuart boots for free, I'm not even kidding!

Do yourself a favor and sign up today, its free! You won't regret it!

Use this link to sign up:

Also, once you've signed up for your free membership and gotten your free $10 credit, be sure to enter to win a FREE Ipad2 at the Embracing Beauty website (for being a member).

Good luck and happy shopping!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

End of Summer Style Pic

I'm always a bit bummed this time of year, actually a lot bummed, when summer ends. I really, really, dislike the cold and Wyoming is about the worst place someone can live who doesn't like the cold, besides Russia! We get about 2 months of summer (my fav time of year). We've already had snow reports in part of the state. I know, crazy huh?! I've woke up cold the last few morning and have my portable heater on now as I type! lol.

Since yesterday was officially the first day of fall, I decided to hurry and post one last summer style pic.

Tank: Wildfox
Shorts: Miley Cyrus for Walmart
Jelly Sandals: Steve Madden

I got this Wildfox tank towards the end of the summer from but it quickly became one of my favorites, along with the Steve Madden Jellies! I think my favorite thing about summer fashion is how easy it is, its like you slip on something quick and it always looks good.

Well, goodbye shorts season, and hello to fall. The one thing I do love about fall-the fashion of course! I walked into Herbergers last weekend and about fell over with joy for all the fabulous fur I saw! I bought a super cute little Nine West fur bag, and some fun fur Ugg-looking boots I can't wait to rock this season!

Happy fall shopping!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Murad Acne Solutions Review

I've been batting acne this summer for the first time in my life. Ugh! I've tried a few different products, and results have varied. My latest try is Murad's new system. I got the products about a month and a half ago, and have been using them religiously since.

Here is my before pic. After using the Active Yellow for a few weeks I have less noticeable acne but there is still some there.

The Murad System is a cleanser, a mask to be used 1-2 times a week, a day moisturizer with SPF, the Acne treatment to be used after cleansing morning and night, and a night moisturizer.

The cleanser seems to work well although it really stings when it gets in to your eyes. It made my eyes super red a few times.

The acne solution goes on really nice and smooth. I was worried this would dry out my already super dry skin so I only started with once a day but quickly moved up to twice a day, as it is not drying at all.

I liked using the mask and could probably benefit from using it more often.

The night cleanser wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I like a creamy thick moisturizer. This is more thin but still moisturizes well. I didn't have any dry skin during the testing period.

I didn't however, like the day moisturizer at all. It says on the label for oil control, which I do no have oily skin at all! It felt super thick and heavy. It was kind of hard to smooth around my face.

After a month It seemed like it was getting better but in the last few weeks its gotten worse again. I'm not sure what is causing it and I have been trying to figure it out hopelessly. For now I think I'm going to put the Murad away and try something new or go back to the Active Yellow.

Here are my end results:

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Check out some of my favs here:

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