Thursday, September 22, 2011

End of Summer Style Pic

I'm always a bit bummed this time of year, actually a lot bummed, when summer ends. I really, really, dislike the cold and Wyoming is about the worst place someone can live who doesn't like the cold, besides Russia! We get about 2 months of summer (my fav time of year). We've already had snow reports in part of the state. I know, crazy huh?! I've woke up cold the last few morning and have my portable heater on now as I type! lol.

Since yesterday was officially the first day of fall, I decided to hurry and post one last summer style pic.

Tank: Wildfox
Shorts: Miley Cyrus for Walmart
Jelly Sandals: Steve Madden

I got this Wildfox tank towards the end of the summer from but it quickly became one of my favorites, along with the Steve Madden Jellies! I think my favorite thing about summer fashion is how easy it is, its like you slip on something quick and it always looks good.

Well, goodbye shorts season, and hello to fall. The one thing I do love about fall-the fashion of course! I walked into Herbergers last weekend and about fell over with joy for all the fabulous fur I saw! I bought a super cute little Nine West fur bag, and some fun fur Ugg-looking boots I can't wait to rock this season!

Happy fall shopping!


  1. Looks like it is time to put up those tank tops! Kinda sad, but take a look at my post about the new styles of jeans!

    Happy jean shopping!

    Ava Roxanne

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