Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tria Laser hair Removal Update/Review

I just completed my 6 months of treatments. I can see I'm going to need at least one more treatment, maybe two, which is pretty normal according to Tria's manual.

I have patches of bald spots on my legs. The upper legs are pretty smooth and the top of my knees. The inside of my lower legs and bottom of my knees are still going to need some work. My armpit hair is still coming in a bit but there's a noticeable difference. My bikini line is the most dramatic change. There are a few hairs coming in but for the most part, it's looking pretty bare. I went the whole month without shaving to see the difference. I must say for a whole month of not shaving, things weren't looking too bad! I've got a few spots to focus on over the next month or two but I'm hoping to be hairless come July!

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  2. Yeah I think its a great product! I'm still anxious to see my final results but so far it seems to be working :)

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