Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are you looking to lose weight? Check this out:

Zaggora is currently looking for ambassadors to try out and review their Hot Pants. Hot Pants are a workout pant/biker short that claims to help maximize your workout. The Cellulite Nano technology of the shorts, works to use your natural body heat to help break down fat cells and toxins. It visibly helps reduce the appearance of Cellulite and body fat. Hot Pants claim to help you increase your perspiration by up to %80 while working out.

Along with trying and testing out the pants, by becoming an ambassador for Hot Pants, you are paid by advertising for them and spreading the word about hot pants to your friends and family. You are given a unique code to share with others, and every time its used you receive a small percentage, plus the code you give to others allows them to get free handling and shipping on their purchase.

Check out their slideshow presentation HERE and if you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Hot Pants, and trying your own free pair, you can email them at:


  1. this sounds very interesting. have you tried the hot pants? i'd just like to know your personal thoughts on them before i look into it more.

    thanks for stopping by my blog--check out my new post!

  2. I haven't yet but I've signed up to try it out, so I will keep you posted! Hopefully it works! :)